Salesforce Property Management

Managing a database of thousands of properties proved to be a daunting task for the administrative team of this national Real Estate Investment Firm. After finally reaching their wits end with corrupted spreadsheets and communication breakdowns, they knew something had to be done. 

Skills Utilized

Process Management

System Development

Employee Training

Project Outline

1) Evaluation & Planning

Following the AGILE development process, I knew that this project needed a great plan if it were to see any kind of practical success within the company. 

2) Design & Development

After various meetings with executives and end-users, I had a strong understanding of their business processes and various areas of potential improvement. With that in mind, I began the development face, aiming to integrate features that would save their company time, money, and headaches. 

3) Training & Testing

After developing a host of new features, I began to train our users and prepare documentation showcasing how to accomplish various business tasks. Moreover, I utilized their input to aid in bug-testing and future feature planning/implementation.


While there was initially hesitation about learning a new system, both staff and executives quickly grew to love their new suite of productivity tools and organizational functionality. Here’s the areas where we saw the most improvement: 

Workflow Efficiency


Increase in Tasks Completed by Users

2,452 Spreadsheets Converted

6 less clicks (avg.) used to complete tasks

14 daily tasks (avg.) per user automated.

40% reduction in task completion time.



Increase in processes and workflows handled within Salesforce.

68 work processes implemented into SF

100% of users now work primarily in Acorn.

80% decrease in time-spent in excel.

75% increase in chatter communication.



Decrease in user support tickets submitted for data-related issues

83% decrease in file rollbacks

15,000+ Property Files managed in Acorn

120 average reports generated daily

3,056 Property Records imported