Frontier NW Lead Generation

When Karl was tasked by Frontier to increase sales for the Northwest, he knew the first place to start was their regional websites. While Frontier had an excellent nationwide website built out, Karl wanted to bring a personal touch to buyers in Northwest regions by creating a network of marketing websites dedicated to generating leads for the Frontier sales funnel. 

Skills Utilized

Corporate Branding

Project Management

UX/UI Wireframing

Project Outline

1) Evaluation & Planning

First and foremost, this network of websites had to be able to generate leads for their respective geographic sales reps in an efficient manner. Moreover, it needed to adhere to Frontier Communications’ corporate branding guidelines. After meeting with Karl and his team a few times, we put together a plan of action and some preliminary wireframes. 

2) Design & Development

After our plan was created, it was time to implement it. Over the course of two months, I began to build-out the first website template, which later would extend to the regional network of websites for the Northwest. After the designs received approval from the higher-ups at Frontier (and extensive user testing) I launched all 26 websites and began the process of automating marketing and reporting functions. 

3) Tracking & Converting

After developing a host of new features, I began to train our users and prepare documentation showcasing how to accomplish various business tasks. Moreover, I utilized their input to aid in bug-testing and future feature planning/implementation.


Thanks to the switch from phone-leads alone to the inclusion of a web-form, regional performance shot up drastically. Now that leads came in first through a dedicated website, Sales Reps spent less time on call backs and more time on closing warm leads. Moreover, marketing costs went down drastically since reps could just direct people to their website, rather than needing a flyer or brochure to hand-out. Finally, conversion increased dramatically since customers were aware of pricing and service offerings before calling in. 

Lead Conversion Increase


Increase in leads converted

320% Increase in incoming leads

45 daily leads on average per site.

Regional REvenue Increase


From 2017 to 2018.

+$3.8mm revenue from previous year.

-$400k in annual marketing costs

Sales Labor


Decrease in sales rep’s admin tasks

-73% in lost leads from missed calls.

-6 hours/week spent on admin tasks,